Kiwi band Thomas Brothers release new video after debuting at number 13 on the NZ charts

The Thomas Brothers return with their first song in two years with Sorry, which debuted on the Hot NZ Singles chart last week, landing at number 13.

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The video for Sorry was more than a year in the making for the Auckland group. Source: 1 NEWS

They have also just released a video, featuring Power Rangers' James Davies and Cirque de Soleil performer Rosita Hendry.

"It's about a young man, Brodie who is trapped in the depths of alcohol addiction," said singer Samuel Thomas.

"With the realisation that it's destroying his relationships, including with his long-term partner, he takes a last stand, attempting to climb the path to freedom."

The Thomas Brothers released their debut self-titled album in 2016 and for them the visual representation of songs is equally as important as their passion for music.

"We've got a lot to say about love, family and togetherness, and we’re passionate about getting our message out there. We're excited to be releasing Sorry and our second album later this year. And we’re not going to quit. You can go fast alone, or you can go far together."

Check out the full music video here