Kiwi animation company to bring Badjelly the Witch to the small screen

The children's book has entertained Kiwi kids for generations, and now a New Zealand animation company is set to bring Badjelly the Witch to the small screen.

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Mukpuddy has snagged the rights to the Spike Milligan penned classic. Source: Seven Sharp

She might have been blown up by God after trying to scratch his eyes out while shouting "stinky poo, stinky poo, knickers, knickers, knickers", but Badjelly is set to fly again after the Kiwi studio snagged the rights to make a brand new cartoon series inspired by author Spike Milligan's classic characters, TVNZ1's Seven Sharp reports.

The studio - made up of Tim Evans, Ryan Cooper and Alex Leighton - started out in a small studio in the basement of Evans' house in 2002, where they made animated videos for a small but dedicated online following with the hopes of eventually breaking into mainstream TV.

"We were like, 'Surely this will take six months,' and it took many more years," Cooper said.

The trio got their big break in 2015 with their first full-length television series, The Barefoot Bandits, which features Kiwi heavyweight voice talents Rhys Darby, Tamy Davis, Mike Hosking Jr and Laura Daniel.

The studio has since grown from three to 53 permanent staff.

"We convinced Spike Milligan's kids to hand it over," Cooper joked.

"It's very strange but also exciting. We're really, really excited about it," Leighton added.

Cooper said Leighton brought up the idea of BadJelly one day while drawing witches.

"He was like, 'What about BadJelly?' We were like, 'Has anyone ever done the definitive animated version?' There's been little attempts at it in the past, and we were like, 'This is something we should look into,'" Cooper said.

It took the studio four years to secure the rights to the book.

The planned series is currently in its early stages, but it's hoped the cast will include a mix of British and Kiwi voices.