Kim Dotcom: Troubled kid I hired now decides to 'play' with Mona

Kim Dotcom has spoken out about his ex-wife's "toyboy lover", revealing he hired him when he was a teenager to play video games.

Mona Dotcom in court Source: 1 NEWS

The revelation comes after photos showing Mona, 26, nibbling the shoulder of 20-year-old Jeriel Manapoir were published in this week's Women's Day.

Dotcom has taken to Twitter to reveal how the pair met. 

I helped & hired a 17yr old troubled kid to play Xbox with Mona's brothers. 1 year ago he decided to play with Mona.

— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) February 18, 2015

Women's Day reports Mr Manapori has become an "important figure" in the lives of Mona and Kim's five children. She has also splashed out on a $80,000 Mercedes Benz as a gift for him.

Mona and Dotcom ended their marriage nine months ago.