Kanye West opens up about bipolar disorder on Jimmy Kimmel show

Outspoken rap star Kanye West has revealed he's learned to embrace his bipolar disorder.

The 41-year-old rap star has claimed that an integral part of his career success has been embracing each and every part of his identity, including his bipolar disorder.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kanye explained: "I think it's important for us to have open conversations about mental health - especially with me being black. Because we never had therapists in the black community. We never approached taking a medication.

"I think it's good that when I had my first complete blackout at age five, my mom didn't fully medicate me. Because I might have never been 'Ye. And there's times where at least I'm happy that I know [I'm bipolar.]

"Like, even like for this interview, I knew I wanted to stay in a calm state."

Kanye has attracted controversy throughout his career, but the chart-topping star thinks it's imperative that people are given the freedom to express themselves.

He said: "People need to be able to express themselves without fear or judgement."

The outspoken rapper has been widely criticised within the hip-hop community for his support of US President Donald Trump.

But Kanye - who has displayed his support for Trump by wearing a 'Make America Great Again' cap - admitted it took him some time to rediscover his confidence after being hospitalised in 2016.

On the issue of the US election, he shared: "Everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me. And then told me every time I said I liked Trump that I couldn't say it out loud or my career would be over.

"I'd get kicked out of the black community ... so, even when I said it right before I went to the hospital and I expressed myself... when I came out I had lost my confidence.

"So I didn't have the confidence to take on the world and the possible backlash. And it took me a year and a half to have the confidence to stand up and put on the hat. No matter what the consequences were."

Kanye West
Kanye West Source: Breakfast

Clarke Gayford's fishing trip with Jason Statham canned by movie execs

Clarke Gayford has revealed that movie executives wouldn't allow a spearfishing trip that he planned for Jason Statham while the star was filming in NZ.

The fishing show host and partner to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern posted about the cancelled trip on Twitter today.

"While The Meg was being shot in NZ, Jason Statham asked to go out diving in downtime so I planned a spearfishing trip, but the movie execs freaked," Clarke wrote.

However, the ever-resourceful Kiwi fisherman was able to tee up another exciting adventure for the Hollywood star to go on.

"Instead we arranged for him to go shark diving with real sharks in Fiji and he loved it," Clarke wrote.

Statham had been in Auckland fliming The Meg, which is released in Kiwi cinemas August 16.

Clarke Gayford and Jason Statham. Source: 1 NEWS



Macaulay Culkin turned down offer to star in Big Bang Theory multiple times

Macaulay Culkin rejected three offers to star in The Big Bang Theory but doesn't regret saying no.

The Home Alone actor claims he turned down approaches to appear in the CBS sitcom - which launched in 2007 - three times even though he was "flattered" by the offer.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he said: "They pursued me for The Big Bang Theory. And I said no.

"It was kind of like, the way the pitch was, 'Alright, these two astrophysicist nerds and a pretty girl lives with them. Yoinks!' That was the pitch.

"And I was like, 'Yeah, I'm cool, thanks.' And then they came back at me again, and I said, 'No, no, no. Again, flattered, but no.'

"Then they came back at me again, and even my manager was like twisting my arm."

While the cast - which includes Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar have been making a huge $1 million per episode since season eight, the 37-year-old actor has no regrets about turning down the show as even though he'd have been very rich, he wouldn't be creatively fulfilled.

He added: "I'd have hundreds of millions of dollars right now if I did that gig. At the same time, I'd be bashing my head against the wall."

Meanwhile, the Changeland actor also revealed during the interview that he's keen to start a family with girlfriend Brenda Song.

He said: "I'm gonna make some babies. This one's a good one, so I'm probably going to put some babies in her in a little bit. I mean, we've definitely been practicing.

"This one, I'm going to have some pretty babies. She's Asian, so I'm gonna have tiny little Asian babies. It's going to be adorable - a bunch of Sean Lennons running around the house, that's what I'm looking for."

Macaulay is looking forward to moving in with the 30-year-old actress once she finalises the purchase of her new house.

He said: "I have a good life out here. I have a pretty little family -- a pretty girl, a pretty dog, a pretty cat, and all that stuff. We're gonna move, we're doing the house thing and all that kind of stuff.

"I'm just gonna hitch a ride. She was already looking [for a house], so... I think she's kind of in escrow right now, essentially."

Macaulay Culkin. Source: Bang Showbiz