Judith Collins answers 'very personal' question during offbeat Late Night Big Breakfast interview

National Party leader Judith Collins tonight braved the hot seat for a tricky interview on TVNZ's Late Night Big Breakfast.

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Unfortunately the hosts squeaky swivel chairs served to derail the interview. Source: 1 NEWS

Hosts Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte quickly regretted holding the interview in the office seating and bar stools section of their Target furniture store studio in Auckland.

Issues with the swivel seats the three were sitting on quickly emerged with Hart and Hoyte repeatedly needing to adjust their squeaky chairs.

Collins played along in good humour and took it all in her stride, even managing to impart some of her political message in the process.

Earlier, Jacinda Ardern faced the Late Night Big Breakfast treatment when a buzzing drone derailed her interview.

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Host Leigh Hart took care of the buzzing menace via his trusty guitar. Source: 1 NEWS

Watch both of the decidedly different interviews in the videos above.

Late Night Big Breakfast is available to view on Duke at 8:30pm on Sundays and OnDemand.