Josh Groban opens up to Hilary Barry, Jeremy Wells on midlife bucket list, dreams for a family

Josh Groban does it all: he’s a multi-platinum-selling singer, songwriter, actor and producer, and he's got a fanbase spanning generations across the globe to prove it.

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The multi-platinum singer, songwriter, actor and producer spoke with Seven Sharp. Source: Seven Sharp

This year there's been a twist to his making music for the masses, with almost everything overrun by the coronavirus.

"We're all feeling this together, so music on a grand scale is such a universal language that we can all turn to to highlight common humanity when we feel we're all divisive," he told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

"In those personal moments of strife for me, music has gotten me through those things, both as a listener and performer.

"I get to sing and express myself and to be able to have that connection with so many people that've felt that connection because of it? I'm very, very lucky."

On the brink of turning 40, Groban says he hasn't had time for any midlife existential crisis.

"I've been too busy thinking how to make a sandwich out of one piece of bread and a single cucumber," he jokes.

Groban admits he had aspirations to do "a whole bunch of bucket list things", including making the time to hit the gym every day.

"And of course, that's life," he says.

"As soon as you plan to do something, the universe is gonna tell you that's not happening."

He reckons next year will be the time for the existential crisis instead, planning to get the ear piercing, the Corvette — the works.

As for the rest of the bucket list, Groban is still looking forward.

"I'd like to start a family one day," he says.

"That's one thing that's had to take a backseat to constantly having to say goodbye and constantly having a mic put in front of you, is that sometimes I want to be the dad to my future kids someday that my dad was to me.

"But sometimes you've got to wait for the right time."

Groban's new album, Harmony, went on sale yesterday.