John Oliver offers solution to stop NZ being left off world maps

American television host John Oliver has poked fun at New Zealand on his show Last Week Tonight after New Zealand was left off IKEA's world map.

This comes as bad timing with the company planning on opening its first store in Aotearoa.

Oliver offers a solution to stop this from happening by creating a print out stick on image that can be added to any map New Zealand has been left off.

He says on his show: "Tonight we are going to try and help them out by giving people a practical way to put things right here, so if you go to our Twitter feed you will find a map of New Zealand that you can cut out and add to any map of your choosing."

New Zealand is forgotten about regularly on maps including the board game Risk and on large maps in major airports including Munich, Beijing and Prague.

This isn't the first time the Last Week Tonight host has made fun of the country.

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He blasted former Prime Minister Bill English’s pizza topping choices, the flag debate, and then Prime Minister John Key pulling a cafe worker's pony tail.

More recently Rhys Darby and Jacinda Ardern appeared in a tourism New Zealand promotion with the hashtag get New Zealand on the map.

"They’re trying their best. They did have an official campaign last year using the hashtag #GETNZONTHEMAP, but it clearly didn’t work."