Jeremy Wells grills Olympic cyclist about leg shaving as he shows off his own 'nice' pins

Jeremy Wells used an interview with Olympic cyclist Ethan Mitchell to compare legs and ask for shaving tips.

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Mitchell tells us about the extra lengths he'll have to go to while training in Tokyo. Source: Seven Sharp

Mitchell is gunning for gold in Tokyo along with his Kiwi teammates, so Wells naturally asked the hard questions on Seven Sharp.

"I’m looking at you thinking you are a powerful unit, running a very powerful leg.

"Obviously, you have to shave your legs, what kind of razor do you use?" he quizzed.

"A Mach 3 at the moment," Mitchell replied.

Wells then got his legs out to compare, saying he doesn’t shave them.

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The Seven Sharp co-host did get a compliment from cyclist Ethan Mitchell about his own relatively hairless legs. Source: Seven Sharp

"They are hairy," Hilary Barry confirmed as she went in for an inspection. "They are nice," Mitchell conceded.

"I know this seems like a personal question, but where do you stop [shaving]?" Wells asked in what was definitely a personal question.

"I normally stop about there," Mitchell being a good sport replied while gesturing just above his thighs.

Hilary Barry then shut down the line of questioning and the interview moved back to more important matters.

Namely, Mitchell donating a pair of cycling shoes as part of Cadbury and KidsCan’s Donate Your Kit promotion.

“These are my first pair of cycling shoes given to be my coach,” Mitchell said.

The shoes will be given to a deserving youngster to help with their own sporting dreams.