Jeremy Wells' birthday tribute to Hilary Barry nearly brings her to tears

There was an emotional start to tonight’s Seven Sharp show with Jeremy Wells paying tribute to Hilary Barry on her 50th birthday.

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There was an emotional start to today’s Seven Sharp show with the co-host turning 50. Source: Seven Sharp

His kind words on the famous red couch almost brought Hilary to tears.

"Hilary didn't want us to do anything and make a fuss but from our team thank you so much for what you do, you're a wonderful colleague and a wonderful leader of our team and a great broadcaster," Jeremy began.

"But, I think what people at home don't see is probably your greatest achievement, which is what an amazing mum you are."

Hilary was genuinely emotional hearing his surprise tribute.

"Stop it you're going to make me cry," she said, fanning herself with some sheets of paper.

Jeremy also suggested the car which won New Zealand's Car of the Year title - which was being announced later in the show - might make a fitting gift for his colleague.

Hilary wouldn't say no to the offer.