Jack Tame finally interviews Donald Trump face to face - well, sort of

Kiwi Alexander Sparrow but does a pretty mean impression of Trump, though he needs about 'eight months' worth of bronzer'. Source: Breakfast


Prince Jackson says dad Michael would be 'very happy' with his charitable work as he picks up award

Prince Jackson vowed to carry on his father Michael Jackson's charitable legend as he collected the Motif Lifetime Medal of Honor.

The 21-year-old star picked up the youth advocacy award over the weekend at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and promised he would continue the King of Pop's charitable legacy.

He said: "This is a really special moment for me. My dad did some cool things, but his biggest passion was helping others. I learned how important that was from him. We called the foundation Heal LA, because the goal was to further the cause of dad's Heal the World organisation and start locally by helping out at home.

"John and I got together with a few of our friends at school and decided to do little things to help out. All of a sudden, it just got bigger and bigger. We were giving more and hosting more events, and all of these amazing people started helping. Let's heal LA and Heal the World."

And Prince thinks his father "would be very happy" with his charitable efforts.

He shared: "Our generation, they focus on the wrong things, like, 'Who's wearing what? Who's doing what? Who's vacationing where?' There are real problems going on in the world that can be helped not by powerful people but by everyday people who just go in and devote their time.

"You should be decent enough to help out or want to help out your fellow man or woman."

Prince Jackson. Source: Bang Showbiz


Nicki Minaj breaks silence over fight with Cardi B - 'I am not a clown'

Nicki Minaj has broken her silence after she was "humiliated" by her fight with Cardi B at New York Fashion Week.

The Superbass hitmaker was "mortified" by her altercation with the Bodak Yellow rapper at New York Fashion Week and was embarrassed by how they "made theirselves look".

A person who witnessed the incident said Minaj was finishing up a conversation with someone when Cardi B tried to attack her, but Minaj's security guards intervened.

Speaking on Beats 1 on Apple Music, she said: "The other night I was a part of something so mortifying, so humiliating to go through in front of upper echelon people - it's not about black or white - people who have their lives together.

"I was mortified ... I could not believe how humiliated I felt .... how we - and I use the term 'we' loosely - made ourselves look.

"I would never discuss anyone's child. It's so sad for someone to pin that on me. I would never talk about anyone's child's or parenting, I don't give a s**t. It's so crazy to me that people always need to make Onika the bad guy.

"If you're right in whatever you're doing, you don't ever have to make someone into the bad guy. You know I didn't say or never did talk about anyone's child ... I am not a clown, that's clown s**t. The other thing that is clown s**t is telling the world that they did s**t because you look dumb."

Soon after the incident, Cardi took to Instagram, where she claimed she let Nicki "talk big s**t about" her.

She shared: "I've let a lot of sh*t slide. I let you sneak diss me. I let you lie on me. I let you attempt to stop my bags, f**k up the way I eat! You've threatened other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you'll stop f**king with them! I let you talk big s**t about me. 

"But when you mention my child, you choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter is when all bets are f***ing off! I've worked too hardand come too far to let anybody f**k with my success!!!"

Nicki Minaj Source: Associated Press


Elton John dedicates song to late rapper Mac Miller - 'So young, with so much talent'

Sir Elton John dedicated a song to the late Mac Miller at his concert in Allentown, Pennsylvania yesterday.

The Donald Trump rapper passed away from an apparent overdose at the age of 26 on Saturday, and the 71-year-old music legend performed his hit single Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me in Mac's memory during the first show of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour this weekend.

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Before performing the song, Elton said: "I'd like to dedicate this song to Mac Miller. Unbelievably, 26 years of age, and passed away yesterday. It's inconceivable that someone so young, and with so much talent, could do that.

Elton John and Mac Miller. Source: Associated Press

"And I just would like to pass all of our love and best wishes to his loved ones, his family, his friends. And Mac, wherever you are, I hope you're happy now."

Elton joins a host of stars who have paid tribute to the Self Care hitmaker, including his former girlfriend Ariana Grande - whom he dated for two years until earlier this year when they split - who posted a simple black and white photo of Mac without a caption.

Meanwhile, fellow rapper G-Eazy broke down when honouring the memory of Mac - whose real name is Malcolm McCormick - at his own show in Florida on the night of his death.

Before introducing the song 'Everything Will Be OK', G-Eazy projected a photo of Mac onto the screen behind him, and told the crowd: "I swear, life is so f***ing fragile. Appreciate the moment. Be present in it. Tell people you love you care about them."

Mac's good friend Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to lead online tributes to the late star, writing: "I dont know what to say Mac Miller took me on my second tour ever. But beyond helping me launch my career he was one of the sweetest guys I ever knew. Great man. I loved him for real. Im completely broken. God bless him. (sic)"

Olivia Newton-John reveals she's battling cancer for third time

Olivia Newton-John has admitted she is currently battling cancer for the third time - after keeping her second fight with the disease in 2013 a secret.

Olivia Newton-John is currently battling cancer for the third time - after keeping her second fight with the disease a secret.

The 69-year-old singer and actress was revealed she was fighting breast cancer in May last year, and whilst it was believed the latest struggle was her second time facing the disease after a battle 26 years ago, she has now revealed she dealt with the illness in secret in 2013.

Olivia revealed she was involved in a minor car accident five years ago which led to the discovery of a lump on her back, and whilst she originally thought it was caused by the strain of her seatbelt during the collision, subsequent scans revealed the lump was actually the return of breast cancer.

Speaking about keeping the diagnoses under wraps, she said: "I thought, 'It's my life' and I just decided to keep it to myself."

The 'Grease' star has undergone radiation therapy for the new tumour at the base of her spine, and says she's also being aided by medical marijuana that her husband of 10 years, John Easterling, grows at the couple's ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

She said: "In California, it's legal to grow a certain amount of plants for your own medicinal purposes ... I'm very lucky that I live in a state where it's legal and that I have a husband that is a plant-medicine man."

Despite her ongoing medical battle, Olivia won't be consumed by negativity, as she knows she's "a very privileged person".

The Physical hitmaker added: "There are other people out there doing much, much worse than me. I'm a very privileged person, and I'm very aware of that. I live in this beautiful place.

"I have a wonderful husband. I have all the animals that I adore. I have an incredible career. I have nothing, really, to complain about."

And she's confident she'll pull through and beat the disease once and for all.

Speaking to Australia's Sunday Night, she said: "I believe I will win over it, and that's my goal."

VIÑA DEL MAR, CHILE - FEBRUARY 22:  Olivia Newton John speaks during a press conference as part of the Viña del Mar Festival 2017 at Sheraton Hotel on February 22, 2017 in Viña del Mar, Chile. (Photo by Marcelo Benitez/Latincontent/Getty Images)
Olivia Newton-John. Source: Getty