Introducing New Zealand's Maori Moana! Tokoroa teen chosen to be Te Reo voice of Disney princess




The search for the Maori voice of Moana and Maui is over.

Taika Waititi put out the call for a Te Reo speaking girl to play the role of the Disney princess, as well as Maui, two weeks ago.

Waititi, who was an initial screenwriter of the hit Disney movie, said he was on the hunt to find a girl who was fluent in Te Reo but could also hit all the high notes.

"It's been a big dream of mine to see mainstream movies translated into Te Reo Maori," he said.

"For indigenous audiences to hear films in their own language is a huge deal, helping to normalise the native voice and give a sense of identification.”

Over 250 people auditioned for the role, but it was Jaedyn Randell, 16, from Tokoroa who was chosen to voice Moana.

Te Kaea presenter Piripi Taylor has been named the voice of Maui.

The Te Reo vision of Moana will be released during Maori Language Week later this year. 

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