'I'm so, so sorry' - Beloved Kiwi actor Sam Neill speaks about the Christchurch terror attack

Beloved Kiwi actor Sam Neil has given his thoughts on the events of last Friday's horrific terror attack.

He spent some of his childhood in Christchurch and is a deep thinker about life in New Zealand.

Neill gave Seven Sharp his thoughts on the attack in an interview last night.

"What I would like to say is this terrible crime was a crime against humanity, a crime against New Zealanders and I cannot speak for anyone else, but I am so, so, sorry," he said.

Neill went to a mosque in Auckland shortly after the attack, where he was joined by fellow actor Oscar Kightley comforting those in the Muslim community.

Watch the full interview with Neill in the video above.

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Neill is a Cantabrian and was living in Australia when the infamous Port Arthur massacre took place. Source: Seven Sharp