'I'll bring out the shoulder again don't you worry' - Hilary Barry fires back at bare-flesh critics

After Hilary Barry's off-the-shoulder outfit caused a stir yesterday, the Seven Sharp host has bitten back at critics who said she's "too old" to bare her shoulders. 

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After an off-the-shoulder top on air caused a stir, Barry took to social media today to bite back at the criticism. Source: Seven Sharp

Barry, who has often defended her decision not to cover up, shared on social media a comment sent to the show's Facebook page after Thursday's episode aired. 

A viewer called Geoff went on to tell Barry she needed to "dress properly" and that "exposed shoulders are for the young".  

Firing back, Barry posted a photo of herself wearing a strapless swimsuit on her Instagram feed, calling out the haters. 

"This is for every Geoff who ever told a woman what to wear or what part of her body to cover up. We will not be told. Not now. Not ever." 

On tonight's episode of the show, co-host Jeremy Wells poked fun at the controversy by pointing out her choice to wear a long sleeved blouse. 

Barry was quick to point out that the top had been chosen for her to wear by a stylist and that the backlash wasn't going to stop her fashion choices. 

"It's triggering for a certain age group of people - men and women, to see flesh on a woman over 30 obviously... I haven't covered up because of their complaints it just happened that the stylist picked this top tonight."

She went on to reassure her viewers that it won't be the last time she bares her arms. 

"I'll bring out the shoulder again don't you worry, maybe both of them."