Hunt for the Wilderpeople becomes largest grossing local film in NZ

Taika Waititi's film Hunt for the Wilderpeople has become the largest grossing Kiwi film at the New Zealand box office.

It had previously beat the mark for the highest opening weekend for a local film ($1,263,035) and highest single grossing day ($528,896).

It passes another Waititi film - Boy - with $9,650,074 collected since its release.

"I make movies for New Zealanders so it's humbling and validating to know my work has an audience," says Waititi.

"It's proof that we still have relevant and entertaining stories to tell and that Kiwis believe in the worth of those stories.

It fills me with pride and joy to have two films, Maori films, in the top box office positions, and I thank everyone who helped us get to this place in time."

Julian Dennison, 13, stars in Taika Waititi's highly anticpated film Hunt for the Wilderpeople opposite Sam Neill. Source: Seven Sharp

Boy pulled in $9.32m.

By the numbers: 

Box office takings: $9,650,074

Weeks at number one: Three

Estimated tickets sold: 650,000

The praise continues to roll in for Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Source: Breakfast

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