Hilary Barry gets candid with Jane Seymour, the oldest woman to grace the cover of Playboy

If you think it's tough being an older woman in Hollywood, you'd be right.

Not only do the roles dry up, but you're also expected to get botox or even go under the knife to keep those youthful looks, so how does 67-year-old Jane Seymour, who's never had plastic surgery, stay in the business?

Seymour told Seven Sharp's Hilary Barry of her latest gig, "Well, first of all, I thought it was ridiculous that they asked, and then I thought just because you've reached a certain age, doesn't mean you're not still fully a woman and you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

"And because I don't do all the plasticy thing and because I do play women of my own age as well, I thought maybe this was empowering for a couple of women out there, and they weren't interested in seeing me naked, anyway."

The former Bond Girl also posed for the magazine in 1987, when she was 36.

"I look around my contemporaries and I think I am the last of the dying breed of the dinosaur but I'm working all the time. At least I look like myself. I've got all these wrinkles so if I need to look angry or sad, I have my equipment.

"I can't understand why an actress would get rid of that. If you do not want to have a wrinkle on your face then go for it I'm not saying you shouldn't do that but it's like an athlete not wanting their muscles to work. I don't get it."

Seymour will be talking to Kiwi women about her experience in Hollywood as part of a conference for women to get together and share their stories of bravery.

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    Seymour explains how, at 67, and having never had plastic surgery, she’s survived in show business. Source: Seven Sharp