Hi-5 teases adult-only reunion concert

First the original members of The Wiggles held an 18+ reunion concert, now fellow children's group Hi-5 are teasing their own comeback.

Hi-5 original members Kellie Crawford, Nathan Foley, Charli Robinson, Kathleen de León Jones and Tim Harding in an undated photo. Source: 1 NEWS

The Australian group's show ran from 1999 to 2011, with the original members replaced in 2008.

It also aired in New Zealand and would be a firm part of many Kiwis' childhoods.

Now Nathan Foley, one of the founding members, is teasing a potential comeback.

"Who wants the original Hi-5 to do a special 18+ reunion concert?" he asked in an Instagram post featuring all five of the cast in a years-old photo.

"If you think we should? Then let us know if you'll be there. This post can be your petition."

While replying to comments, Foley said nothing's set in stone yet but he's "working on it".

One of those on board with the idea is original, and continuing, Blue Wiggle Anthony Field. 

He had a one word response for Foley: "Yessssss."

The suggestion comes after The Wiggles held two adult-only benefit concerts raising money for Australian bushfire relief during the weekend, with the original members taking the stage.

It's not surprising a potential reunion is playing on Fooley's mind; currently performing as a solo artist, he was one of the openers for those concerts.