'Is he from New Zealand?' - Lorde stunned as she learns on Aussie radio show that Russell Crowe is a fellow Kiwi




Kiwi pop star Lorde admitted she thought Russell Crowe "was Australian as they come" after she learned during a recent game of pub trivia that the actor is actually a New Zealander. 

Appearing as a guest on Australia's Triple J radio station yesterday, host Brooke tested the 'Green Light' singer's general knowledge against fellow breakfast radio hosts Ben and Liam. 

When asked "on a traffic light, where is the green light", Lorde correctly answered green after Ben and Liam guessed it was on the top, and she was quick to answer a question about Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Ella Yelich-O'Connor, otherwise known as Lorde, gives an insight into the life that she lives.
Source: Seven Sharp

However, Lorde was stumped when a sound clip of Wellington born Russell Crowe was played from the movie Gladiator and was baffled when she asked "Is he from New Zealand? - Russell Crowe?"

"I thought he was as Australian as they come," she said. 

Amazed, Liam replied, "you're spitting on your home nation here. This is unbelievable. We try and claim him. He's actually yours."

Lorde did know however that Crowe was the owner of the NRL team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs. 

Lorde is one very down to earth Kiwi, as Seven Sharp's Toni Street found out.
Source: Seven Sharp

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