Hayley Holt teased by Breakfast crew about Ed Sheeran mural: 'Times have changed haven’t they, Hayley?'

The $8000 Dunedin mural of Ed Sheeran has again reared its head to taunt Hayley Holt, after the British singer posted a selfie of himself before the artwork on his Instagram yesterday.

But this time around the Breakfast presenter was surprisingly complimentary of the quality of the painting, after she notoriously branded its subject a "suck up" before he arrived in New Zealand last week.

"It's an amazing piece of artwork, it looks great," Holt said.

Holt's fellow presenters didn't let her forget about the dramatic change of tune.

"Times have changed haven't they Hayley, goodness me," said Daniel Faitaua.

Meanwhile Sheeran, on tour in NZ, says he "respects" the fact that Holt has an opinion. Source: Breakfast

Holt was not particularly comfort with the reminder: "OK let's move on because it's not awkward at all."

Sheeran is in Dunedin ahead of three shows starting tonight at Forsyth Barr Stadium, and two more on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Following his Auckland gigs at Mt Smart Stadium last week, Sheeran sent Holt the All Blacks jersey he had preformed in with the name HOLT emblazoned across the back.

The British crooner also accompanied the shirt with a signed poster saying: "Dear Hayley! Here's the All Blacks top I used to suck up on my first Auckland show.

"Keep on being you, and **** what anyone else says, you rock."

Holt responded by declaring Ed the winner.

Hayley took aim at the English pop star – and didn't miss. Source: Breakfast

"I think Ed wins this round, I think he won the earlier rounds, I'm pretty sure he won all of the rounds."