Graham Norton calls out Joseph Parker on his show, labelling him 'King of pies'

Joseph Parker has been called out by talk show host Graham Norton, who said the boxing champion would be an "easy fight" for Anthony Joshua. 

British boxer Joshua appeared on The Graham Norton Show and was interviewed about his upcoming boxing plans. 

Joshua said he was looking at fighting "either one of the two belt holders." 

"I have three of them and there are two left, one is in America and one is in New Zealand." 

As he answered, a photo of Joseph Parker appeared on the screen. 

Norton interrupted and said, "can I just say that looks like it's going to be quite an easy fight."

"It's the king of pies!

"He must be a world-class athlete, but he doesn't look like one, does he?" Norton said. 

Joshua laughed and suggested "pie" could be Parker's new nickname. 

"Shall I give him a nickname? Pie, the pie," said Joshua.