Will & Grace cast say slipping back into roles 'like riding a bike'

After an 11 year hiatus, a brand new Will & Grace are back on our screens.

The cast say slipping back into their roles after 11 years was like "riding a bike".

A show that first aired in 1998 about Will and his best friend Jack, flatmate Grace and her kooky drunken colleague Karen broke barriers and paved the way for LGBTQ characters.

"I remember feeling sense of trepidation, we could be off the air in three episodes and also the writing I felt was very cautious. I remember after the pilot word got back that 30 per cent of people who watched the pilot didn't know Will was gay" Debra Messing [Grace] said.  

Although they love their characters on Will & Grace, they say a downside of the show is fans asking them to repeat their catch phrases.

When asked if they love New Zealand Messing said, "my mother said it was her favourite place on earth when she visited, most beautiful place ever."

The cast then serenaded 1 NEWs reporter Emma Keeling singing:

"but I didn't have the opportunity, but I will visit any time…call me up…(singing) call out my name that weird accent you have and we'll come running…on an 18 hour flight…23 hours…."

Will & Grace will be on TVNZ2 tonight, at 9.30pm.

After an 11 year hiatus, the cast sit down with reporter Emma Keeling. Source: Breakfast