The Governess shuts down homophobic tweet after drag queen appears on The Chase

A viewer of quiz show The Chase has been shut down by Anne Hegerty (The Governess) for a homophobic tweet following the appearance of a drag queen on the show.

A fan went on a Twitter rant labelling the popular British quiz show that airs on TVNZ1 as "highly irresponsible" for letting a drag queen compete.

"The Chase I really think it is mischievous and highly irresponsible of ITV to allow people of this sort to appear on a family show. I feel quite disgusted," the tweet read.

Chaser Anne Hegerty quickly shot back saying: "Oh, don’t be such a sad f***er".

The other Chasers Paul Sinha, aka The Sinnerman, and Mark Labbett, aka The Beast, also fired back at the viewer.

"I can't fathom the mentality of those genuinely angry about a drag queen on #thechase. We have always been inclusive," wrote Sinha.

"We welcome everyone on the show…and you really are a sad F***er Mr Cantab,” tweeted Mark.

Fans of the show have tweeted their praise of Anne’s tweet with some calling her a hero.

Anne Hegerty - The Governess on The Chase.
Anne Hegerty - The Governess on The Chase. Source: Getty