'Gosh darn it'- Matthew McConaughey shocked to find out about co-star's death on red carpet



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Matthew McConaughey learned that Sam Shepherd had died while promoting one of his new films on a red carpet.

McConaughey hadn't heard about the death of actor and playwright Sam Shepherd until he was on the red carpet.
Source: Associated Press

McConaughey was at the premiere of, The Dark Tower in New York.

While speaking to the Associated Press, the Oscar-winning actor was asked to comment about his former co-star. They starred in the 2012 film, Mud.

McConaughey was unaware that Shepherd's death was announced earlier in the day. He died last week from complications from ALS.

A visibly shaken McConaughey re-asked the question "Sam Shepherd moved on?" before inquiring further.

"Gosh damn it. From what?" McConaughey asked.

Then he told a brief story of Mud, a film they worked on a few of years ago.

"Oh man. You look at - look I'm not gonna trivialize that situation I just heard about it for the first time. But I always said that I thought and I always tell Jeff Nichols this. I said, 'Look, in 'Mud,' the whole trailer for 'Mud' could be Sam Shepherd sitting in that green chair telling the boy about who Mud is.' It would about a two-and-a-half minute trailer, but really badass," McConaughey said.

The he added before walking away: "He moved on today? We lost one of the great ones. Great writer, great - huh. Well, all right see you in the next one Sam."

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