'God bless the New Zealand Police' - Sam Neill admits he was recently fined for speeding on a NZ road




Self-confessed petrol head Sam Neill has admitted New Zealand Police are "keeping me in line" after he was recently caught out speeding. 

The Kiwi actor was a guest at the screening in Auckland last night of McLaren, a film about motor racing icon Bruce McLaren.
Source: 1 NEWS

Star Kiwi actor Neill attended the premiere screening in Auckland of McLaren last night, where he told TVNZ's Seven Sharp programme he was "booked the other day" and "lost a few points" for speeding but wouldn't reveal how fast he was travelling. 

The feature-length documentary McLaren is about the life and career of motor racing icon Bruce McLaren.

McLaren, then a 22-year-old from Auckland, won the US Grand Prix in 1959.

Director Roger Donaldson sat down with Mike Hosking before his documentary film McLaren premieres.
Source: Seven Sharp

He was then the youngest person to ever claim the top podium spot, and it was the start of something brilliant.

"This is a film about a legendary New Zealander, Bruce McLaren, made by a legendary honorary New Zealander, Roger Donaldson," Sam Neill said. 

The actor spoke about his passion for cars, which led to him admitting his speeding ticket.

"God bless the New Zealand Police, they are keeping me in line," Neill said.

"It's never going to happen again."

Murphy says what McLaren started in the 1960s can still be seen today.
Source: Seven Sharp

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