Giant roadside attraction on road to Taupō gets major transformation, thanks to Wellington street artist

A Wellington street artist has jazzed up a tired looking roadside attraction on the way to Taupō.

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Michael Holland went along to see what has changed on the Russian helicopter. Source: Seven Sharp

The giant Russian Mil-8 helicopter has stood at the side of the road on the drive through Wairakei for the last 25 years.

Now DSIDE has whipped out the spray paint to liven the forlorn looking relic up.

"I guess it’s a bucket list kind of thing, painting a helicopter is pretty cool," the artist told Seven Sharp.

"I think it’s incredibly beautiful. I think it’s somewhere between aeroplane, helicopter and submarine, a fantastic shape."

DSIDE, whose works are celebrated here and around the world, is one of 12 artists taking part in Taupō’s 10th annual Street Art Festival.

Aside from the helicopter, they’re also allowed to work on laneways around the town.

Seven Sharp reporter Michael Holland went along to check out the artists in action in the video above.