Four new women join Bachelor NZ

Four new women eyeing Moses Mackay’s heart have joined the journey to find love on reality television.

Alana Meikle. Source: Supplied

Fiercely independent Alana Meike says she’s looking for a strong communicator who is her best friend.

The 27-year-old executive assistant from Auckland is one of the new intruders swooping in on tonight’s episode.

Annelise Theis. Source: Supplied

She’s joined by 26-year-old bartender Annelise Theis from Wanaka, who describes herself as a hopeless romantic, Filipino beauty Suzanne Bamford-King, 25, and 24-year-old Dunedin farm girl Lydia Dickson.

Theis says she's prioritised travel, finding it difficult to hold down a relationship, but now she's ready to find a man to sweep her off her feet.

Lydia Dickson. Source: Supplied

Meanwhile, Dickson is looking for her perfect beer pong partner with a good sense of humour — could Mackay be him?

Or maybe it'll be bad gal Bamford-King who says she was kicked out of Bible school for breaking every rule in the book.

Suzanne Bamford-King. Source: Supplied

The Bachelor airs Monday to Wednesday, at 7.30pm, on TVNZ2 and OnDemand.