'Fiji Water lady's' photobombing skills make her surprise star of Golden Globes

With bottles of expensive water balanced on a tray in one hand, and a knowing smile directed down the barrels of the shuttering cameras, a woman dubbed "Fiji Water lady" has become the surprise star of the Golden Globes red carpet.

In a blue tiered cascading gown she is seen hovering strategically to the side, or in the background, of many of tonight's Golden Globes stars.

It makes for the perfect water photo-bomb and has seen her become perhaps the first meme of 2019.

Viewers on twitter were quick to claim she stole the show, and demand she be rewarded her own Golden Globe. Perhaps a late entry for Best Supporting Actress?

Others are predicting future fame and fortune for Fiji Water lady:

Now there's even a twitter account dedicated to her:

The "Fiji Water Lady" photobombs Jamie Lee Curtis at the 2019 Golden Globes. Source: Associated Press