Expert calls it - Natalia Kills and Willy Moon have 'killed their careers'

If the amount of criticism Natalia Kills and Willy Moon are copping isn't enough, Former NZ Idol judge Paul Ellis says they've probably killed their careers.

X Factor contestant Joe Irvine was told by Kills on Sunday night's show that he "had no identity" and was copying her husband, Willy Moon. "It's disgusting, you make me sick," she said.

"Social media today will pretty much kill their careers," Ellis said this morning on TV ONE's Breakfast.

"Both had been dropped by their record labels so they came here [New Zealand] on the premise of trying to resuscitate their career, and actually they've snuffed them out."

The story travelled the world yesterday and overnight, and it's clear nobody agrees with Kills and Moon. Not even their employer, Mediaworks, who sacked them.

"[They] need to go to the airport and go back to New York and do whatever they do," Ellis says.

And while international artists have begun publicly backing Irvine, others have come out firing at Kills and Moon.

"You sort of have to be, you know, vaguely relevant to have your style stolen just saying," Ellie Goulding tweeted this morning. The post has since been deleted.

Ed Sheeran chimed in with some support: "Don't worry about what anyone else says man. Enjoy yourself with it, that's what singing is about, not what other people think."

Irvine was last night announced as the first of the 11 final acts on X Factor. He broke down in tears and gave judge Mel Blatt a hug when his name was read out by host Dominic Bowden.

Kills' comments were labelled "completely unacceptable" by the show's producers and akin to "bullying" by the Human Rights Commissioner.

MediaWorks says two new judges will be announced next week.