Diehard fans fizz as Game of Thrones drops season seven release date in epic cliff-hanger style




In truly epic Game of Thrones fashion, the show has just dropped the date of when the highly-anticipated seventh season will premiere.

Pencil it in, die-hard fans: July 16, 2017, will be the date when the eagerly awaited season seven of the series will get underway.

The show created a Facebook Live video this morning showing flame throwers melting a block of ice containing a placard with the release date on it.

The block of ice is designed to replicate "The Ice Wall" in the hit series.

The flame-throwers represented dragonfire.

More than 160,000 Facebook users tuned in to watch.

Source: Facebook/Game of Thrones

The show asked viewers to comment "dracarys" or "fire" on the video to reveal the date of the season premiere.

However, many viewers were getting a little too impatient, waiting for the flamethrowers to melt the block of ice.

"By the time this ice melts, my son is going to be in college," said one viewer.

It took nearly 18 minutes for the ice to melt.

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