'This is crazy!' - Snoop Dogg narrating a snakes vs iguana battle on Jimmy Kimmel is amazing




Move over David Attenborough - US rapper Snoop Dogg is now the new voice of nature documentaries. 

The US rapper and producer has teamed up with US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to produce a comedic take on the BBC's Planet Earth.

Titled Plizzanet Earth the segment features Snoop Dogg, who voices over various clips from the famous nature show.

In the latest comic sketch the rapper voiced-over one of the most watched episodes from Planet Earth – Iguana vs Snakes.

The terrifying clip shows an iguana as it's chased by a den of snakes.

"There are snakes coming from all angles," Snoop Dogg can be heard yelling in the clip.

"What the hell is going on?

"Snakes are straight assh***s as you can tell."

The hilarious commentary from the rapper has proven to be a hit online with over one million views since it was uploaded to YouTube.

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