Comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short excited about their first visit to NZ

American comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short say they're excited to be heading to New Zealand on their first visit.

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The pair are set to arrive on our shores in November. Source: Seven Sharp

When you think of entertainers who've stood the test of time in Hollywood, Steve Martin and Martin Short are right up there, with an assortment of accolades between them on screens big and small, Seven Sharp reported.

Now the pair have morphed into the ultimate double act and they're coming our way later in the year.

Neither of the entertainers have been to New Zealand before, they told Seven Sharp from Hollywood.

"I've been to Australia before but never made it to New Zealand," Steve Martin said. "And all I hear is that it's beautiful and wonderful. And so we're every excited to go. We're all coming with all our families and everything."

Their show is titled 'Now You See Them, Soon You Won't', which seemed to presenter Hilary Barry to be a little dire and prompted her to ask, "Are you guys OK?"

"We're fine," Steve Martin replied. "But we actually thought the title was funny. But it's turning out people go, 'Oh, it's a little sad'."

Martin Short chipped in to say he didn't think it was sad but "ironic" and "filled with laughter and mirth".

"Well your sense of humour is so sophisticated," his fellow comedian quipped.

Barry asked if they needed any help or advice ahead of their visit, perhaps on dialect, and whether they could actually understand what she was saying.

"Absolutely. I'm Canadian, so you remember we're kind of cousins," Short assured her.

Steve Martin said he has a pretty easy time with Australian and New Zealand dialect. 

"But I have a harder time with English dialect on television. I always have to put on the closed caption," he said, using a passable English accent.

Short wasn't convinced, saying: "What accent were you just doing there? I thought if you're telling that story why not do English?"

Discussing the duo's friendship and why they get along, Barry was moved to inquire, "Don't you guys go and have colonoscopies together?" 

"We have done that in our day with Tom Hanks and our friend (producer) Walter Parkes," Short replied.

Steve Martin added: "But now we do it, we just do the same operation, but no doctor."

"Yeah, we do it on each other," Short said, bringing a somewhat bizarre anecdote to an end.

Steve Martin and Martin Short perform their show once in Auckland in November.