Clarke Gayford's fishing trip with Jason Statham canned by movie execs

Clarke Gayford has revealed that movie executives wouldn't allow a spearfishing trip that he planned for Jason Statham while the star was filming in NZ.

The fishing show host and partner to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern posted about the cancelled trip on Twitter today.

"While The Meg was being shot in NZ, Jason Statham asked to go out diving in downtime so I planned a spearfishing trip, but the movie execs freaked," Clarke wrote.

However, the ever-resourceful Kiwi fisherman was able to tee up another exciting adventure for the Hollywood star to go on.

"Instead we arranged for him to go shark diving with real sharks in Fiji and he loved it," Clarke wrote.

Statham had been in Auckland fliming The Meg, which is released in Kiwi cinemas August 16.

Clarke Gayford and Jason Statham. Source: 1 NEWS

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