Claims Aussie actor Craig McLachlan threatened actress 'I will end you' in confrontation after unwanted kiss

Three women have come forward to describe how they felt terrified, anxious and undermined following the alleged actions of Australian actor Craig McLachlan.

Two other women have now contacted police over his alleged behaviour during the 2014 run of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

A day after being accused of sexual harassment and intimidation, McLachlan is now facing fresh allegations that his on stage persona wasn't all an act.

Christie Whelan Browne said she didn't know it was sexual harassment.

The 52-year-old denies he assaulted female cast members on and off the stage. Source: 1 NEWS

"I didn't know how inappropriate it was because it was always a joke, but that's not a joke."

The three women have chosen to speak out, sharing accounts of their experiences in the 2014 Rocky Horror Picture Show in explicit and disturbing detail.

Ms Whelan Browne alleges McLachlan took advantage of some of the show's raunchier scenes.

"He was directed to kiss down my neck and my arm and then go out of sight. But he could kiss down my breasts and continue all the way down."

"There were 2,000 people watching, there was nothing to do but just take it."

The women said the Harvey Weinstein scandal compelled them to talk.

Angela Scundi describes McLachlan as a bully after she had a confrontation with him after an unwanted kiss.

"He has his finger in my face and he definitely said:  'You are nothing, don't you dare talk to me like that, I will end you,' and in that moment I believed him."

McLachlan has denied all of the allegations.

The show’s production company, GFO, have released a statement saying they are shocked and that the 52-year-old will not have any further part in the show's current run.

Erika Hatnatz said she discussed taking action with others, but they feared for their careers.

"They're not going to believe us, he's the big head star, they're going to keep him, we're going to lose our jobs because of course we're replaceable."