Chase star calls Black Caps 'overperforming dicks' in cheeky jibe at win over India

Chase star Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha has called the Black Caps 'overperforming dicks' in a cheeky jibe after their win over India.

Paul Sinha and Trent Boult.

Sinha, who is of Bengali descent, was one of many Indian fans taking their pain at the Cricket World Cup semi-final loss this morning to Twitter.

"Hastily changing the title of next year’s show for New Zealand to “Couldn’t you have just stuck to rugby you overperforming dicks?" The comedian who recently performed in New Zealand wrote.

He followed it up with another tweet congratulating the Kiwis on their heroic efforts.

"Well played New Zealand. The cleverer and the mentally stronger team. And that catch."

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Santner said the team looked to build pressure early but even then they had to deal with a late comeback attempt from MS Dhoni. Source: 1 NEWS

The Black Caps were only given a two per cent chance of winning against India at the start of India's batting innings in Manchester this morning.

However, they beat the odds to win the match by 18 runs, setting up a final showdown with either England or Australia on Sunday night.

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The Breakfast host put his general knowledge to the test against the popular quiz master. Source: Breakfast