'I can't feel my feet' - Breakfast reporter takes icy plunge at Auckland beach with Peter Burling for charity

Such is their commitment to raising awareness for healthy oceans on World Ocean Day, America’s Cup champion Peter Burling and Breakfast’s sports department, aka Zion Dayal, took an icy plunge at an Auckland beach this morning.

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Zion Dayal’s decision to jump in fully clothed was critiqued by the hosts sitting in the warm studio. Source: Breakfast

Dayal’s chilly dip came at the behest of Burling and his fellow America's Cup champion Blair Tuke, who are encouraging Kiwis for the second straight year to take a 30-second dip in the ocean this winter. They should then nominate three people to do the same.

“Register at to see the links and really see what we’re supporting today, it’s a huge cause and we’re really grateful for the support,” Burling said.

Dayal had his nominations ready before diving into the frigid waters at Takapuna Beach.

“I’m nominating all four of you,” Dayal said to Breakfast co-hosts Melissa Stokes and Scotty Stevenson, as well as newsreader Chris Chang and weather presenter Matty McLean.

He then chose to not strip off, much to the dismay of some, and run into the water.

“It was horrible, I can’t feel my feet or anything like that,” Dayal said following the swim.

Something for our fearless Breakfast quartet something to look forward to no doubt. Over to you, Melissa, Matty, Scotty, and Chris.