Buzzing drone derails interview with Jacinda Ardern on Late Night Big Breakfast

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern faced an interview that quite literally turned out to be "hard-hitting" on TVNZ's Late Night Big Breakfast tonight.

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Host Leigh Hart took care of the buzzing menace via his trusty guitar. Source: 1 NEWS

Just before their interview with Ardern, hosts Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte debuted the new drone technology they had deployed at the Target furniture store studio.

Unfortunately the drone's rather obnoxious buzzing began to derail the election special interview.

"It's quite distracting," Ardern pointed out before Hart valiantly sprung into action.

Grabbing a guitar, the show's host viciously beat the drone out of the air, allowing the interview to continue.

However, shortly after the incident a customer browsing the furniture store took a liking to a cameo lounge suite behind Ardern, once again derailing the interview.

Watch the video above to see all the action for yourself.

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Late Night Big Breakfast is available to view on Duke at 8:30pm on Sundays and OnDemand.