Broadway 'really attainable' Tony winner Sutton Foster tells Christchurch students

Two-time Tony award winner Sutton Foster has taken time away from the bright lights of the Broadway stage to teach students in Christchurch.

The actress is taking a series of workshops for local performers and performing a one-off concert.

Performing powerhouse Foster has taken some time away from the Broadway stage to work with local performers. Source: 1 NEWS

For a group of musical theatre students a tutorial with Ms Foster is like living their very own version of the movie Fame.

They're at summer school, hoping it'll shed some light on the Broadway stage, and Ms Foster says that's not as remote as they might think.

"American musical theatre really it seems so far away. So it's exciting to sort of be here and say 'it's not that far you know it's actually really attainable'," Ms Sutton said.

With a career spanning the best part of two decades she is a performing powerhouse and one of the best in the business.

She won her first Tony Award, for the best leading actress in a musical, in 2002.

She's a real "get" for the summer school.

"It's very rare to get someone at the top of their game. She was on Broadway last season, she's currently on a TV show and she's juggling concert arrangements around her being in New Zealand," said Luke di Somma, head of the school.

And if you're wondering where you've seen her face before.

"I was Coco on Flight of the Concords," she reminds us.

Students are learning a scene from the Broadway hit Thoroughly Modern Millie, something they've all done before, except they're now learning from the original Millie herself, Sutton Foster.