Breakfast's brutal analysis of Bluebird’s new lamington flavoured chip - ‘It's honestly the worst chip I've ever eaten'

Bluebird's latest attempts to push the chip flavour envelope has failed to find favour with a New Zealand chip expert and with TVNZ Breakfast host John Campbell.

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The new flavour also failed to find favour with chip expert Madeleine Chapman, who said ‘it’s the worst chip I’ve ever had”. Source: Breakfast

The company yesterday announced it was releasing paua fritter and lemon, cheese and onion toastie, Sunday roast and, most controversially, lamington flavours.

Bluebird's PR push claims the lamington variety is "a very modern twist on a classic Kiwi afternoon tea, you’ll taste sweet and coconutty combined with savoury and that classic Bluebird crunch".

Madeleine Chapman, who last year penned the definitive guide to NZ chip flavours, had a different description.

"It's like if you took a lamington and left it in a cupboard for maybe three weeks, and then you smashed it down and turned it into chips and put it in a packet," she said.

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"It's honestly the worst chip I've ever eaten, it's so bad. They taste like they're off, but they're not."

Breakfast host Campbell was equally dismissive in his review.

"It's staggeringly bad. You'd have to be really stoned to enjoy that chip," he said.

Chapman disagreed, saying even stoned people have taste buds. 

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Chapman said the paua fritter and lemon flavour wasn't too bad, the best of the four.

"I think it would taste fine with Kiwi onion dip," she said, as Hayley Holt screwed up her face and tossed the bag on the desk when trying it.