Breakfast host Hayley Holt reveals she's pregnant

Hayley Holt has revealed she's pregnant.

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The Breakfast host made the announcement on the show on January 22. Source: Breakfast

The TVNZ 1 Breakfast host revealed the news on the show this morning.

“I’m so happy because I wanted this for a very, very, very long time and I thought my time was running out and it hasn’t,” Holt, who's 39 said.

She was congratulated by her Breakfast colleagues John Campbell, Jenny-May Clarkson and Matty McLean.

“We’re so excited, obviously we’ve all known for a little while and you are going to be a beautiful mum, a beautiful parent. You are going to be fantastic,” Campbell said.

“What more can a baby hope for in life than to be as wanted as that baby.”

Clarkson told Holt she's "so, so happy" for her.

McLean said: “I’m so excited” and offered his babysitting services.

Holt joined Breakfast in January 2018, before running as a Green Party candidate in the 2017 election and working in other media roles.