Breakfast dissolves into chaos as weather presenter Matty McLean disappears mid-show

It turns out it's not easy to do the weather on Breakfast in the morning, as the show's other hosts discovered when Matty McLean disappeared mid-show.

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Hayley Holt and Jenny-May Clarkson discovered it's not as easy as it looks. Source: Breakfast

They were forced to stand in at 8.35am when it was revealed McLean had left early.

He thought he had booked a flight to Nelson for 10.45am, before realising it was actually 9.25am, news presenter Jenny-May Clarkson said.

Co-host Hayley Holt stepped in to take his place, but things got off to a rough start when the clicker didn't work.

She also took aim at some of McLean's scripting skills at times, questioning, "Two of you? I think there's more than two of you down there."

She switched off with Clarkson giving the South Island forecast. She also had troubles, despite starting confidently, when she couldn't read the autocue. 

"This will all see those cold southerly winds whip through though - what does this even mean?"

John Campbell supported the pair from the "cheap seats" at the desk, criticising Clarkson for being "too good".

"I'd like you to be badder at it," he suggested.

Watch the video above to see how they did.