Beyoncé reveals emergency c-section during birth of twins

Beyoncé has revealed she had an emergency caesarean section when she delivered her twins.

The singer, in a series of essays in September's Vogue magazine, said she was 99kg and was swollen from toxemia. The 36-year-old said the twins spent many weeks in intensive care and her husband, Jay-Z, was "a strong support system".

She said she put pressure on herself to lose weight in the three months after the birth of her first child. But after the twins, she approached things differently.

Beyoncé said she has a "little mommy pouch" and she's in no rush to get rid of it.

She said it's important for her to help open doors for younger artists. Her photo is the first Vogue cover to be shot by an African-American photographer.

The fifty-ninth Grammys were all about two megastars: Adele and Beyonce.
Source: 1 NEWS

Meet NZ's Rubik's Cube wizard whose talent takes him around the globe

Remember the Rubik's Cube? Well, it's still around, and those smart enough to solve it are getting faster and faster.

In fact, New Zealand's fastest "cuber" has solved it in about the same time it takes television pictures to leave a studio and arrive in your lounge.

TVNZ1's Seven Sharp reporter Mike Thorpe went to check it out in the puzzling video above.

Oliver Jenks’ fast hands have seen him excel at more than one pursuit. Source: Seven Sharp



Listen to the magical sound of bells ringing in Waitomo Caves

When you're a group of international artists travelling the world playing your instruments you'd be wanting to hit all the big venues right?

The stadiums, arenas and of course the Waitomo Caves.

One group of musicians has come all the way from New York to play their very special instruments in a very unique spot.

Listen to the stunning bell ringing display in the video above.

A group of musicians have come all the way from New York to play their very special instruments in a very unique spot. Source: Seven Sharp