Benee teams up with New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Benee has teamed up with some of the country’s most accomplished classical musicians to create something new.

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The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is joining the Kiwi pop princess for several concerts in the capital. Source: Seven Sharp

They will play two concerts in the capital with the Kiwi star putting a classical twist on her hits

"I was so keen to do it, not something I would have thought of but once in a lifetime kind of thing."

Principal Flute of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Bridget Douglas said: "It's been challenging and fun and makes us a little bit cooler than we are - my kids don't think I'm cool at all.

"It's so dreamy, I was like I want it to be like Disney, like James Bond, because why not take advantage of instruments and volume.”

Composer Claire Cowan arranged Benee’s songs for every single instrument.

"Benee's basically let me have free reign, I've taken upbeat songs, and make them downbeat, changed things up a bit.

"There are always difficulties when you put an orchestra made up of acoustic instruments and with electronic instruments. The solution is to amplify the acoustic instruments, so overall you're listening to a much louder concert than you would if you came to the orchestra by itself, but that's what's expected by a pop audience as well,” Cowan said.

Benee said she was blown away by Cowan’s talent.

"It's been awesome, she's insane, how she wrote all of the music, I was like blown away honestly I don't know how someone does that, but it sounds amazing."

After her Wellington shows Benee will perform in Auckland before she heads off to Los Angeles.