Beckhams win fight for lake at $11 million Cotswold home despite flooding concerns

David and Victoria Beckham have won their planning row to have a lake installed at their home.

David and Victoria Beckham. Source: Bang Showbiz

The couple has won approval from the council to have the large water installation at their £6 million (NZ$11.2 million) Cotswolds property, as long as they don't use motorised boats on it.

The local council's assistant biodiversity officer wrote: "I understand that the justification for the amended design is to provide an aesthetic improvement as well as to further enhance the site for biodiversity. I consider this satisfactory.

"It is important to ensure that there are restrictions on the boating use of the pond. I therefore recommend that a specific condition is applied that refers to the type of boats to be used on the water, such as restricting the use of speedboats. I would consider non-motorised boats, such as rowing boats, to be acceptable."

However, locals have slammed the plans as they fear it could cause flooding in the local area.

One local said: "I feel that his plan to enlarge the lake could increase the chances of flooding in the area considerably. Also, the lake looks just too large for the area it sits in.

"It is out of keeping with the area and what is planned next? Motor boats zooming up and down and shattering the peace? It is just not on and should not be allowed."

Whilst another added: "We object to these plans for the following reasons - we were not notified about the planning application - where [and] when were these notices posted?

"We live very close to this new build site and object strongly to the siting of yet another new huge (four metres deep) new lake - [nearby] Soho House already have three."