Bachelor NZ: Women in the house get violent — 'I didn't really like having my face pushed into the concrete'

REVIEW: Things got physical on tonight's episode of the Bachelor New Zealand, but not in the good way this time, with one contestant storming off in tears.

Annelise Theis and Lydia Dickson wrestle on the ground. Source: TVNZ

What started off as a light-hearted tease about dishes turned into hair insults then violence.

Dunedin farm girl Lydia Dickson was defending herself over "very unjust" criticisms of her dish cleaning, when out of left field Wānaka bartender Annelise Theis — who self-confessed in an earlier episode how's she's always lacked female friends, which we're now starting to see why — took things a step further.

She came in hot to call out the blonde babe's darker roots, saying her hair "looks like crap", then ran over, whipped her with a tea towel big-brother-style and jumped her for a play wrestle, which to absolutely nobody's surprise went too far.

In a weird juxtaposition as they fought to the floor of their stunning Nelson mansion, Theis pushed Dickson's face into the hard ground.

"I'm done, we're not friends. You sleep by yourself," Dickson shouted, storming off in tears after the encounter.

"I didn't really like having my face pushed into the concrete, to be honest. I'm like internally screaming."

The 24-year-old said the incident made her want to leave the show.

"It's just a tough experience and I'm just over it."

However, albeit in a roundabout way, Theis did come forward to apologise for taking things too far.

"We just joke around but it's different when you're feeling a bit down and I'm sorry I didn't realise you were feeling that way ... I'm here for you, just start fresh tomorrow," she said.

The next morning, though, Theis said she was "ready to dance again" — but thankfully for Dickson's face, she meant in a more literal sense.

Annelise Theis shows off her artist side through dance. Source: Warner Brothers

At a group date talent show, the 26-year-old caught opera singer Moses Mackay's attention when showing off her artistic side.

Her interpretive dance moves scored her some alone time with the bachelor, where she opened up about how an eating disorder tore her away from her creative outlet due to her diminished health.

Meanwhile, as the pair grew closer, things got worse for Dickson in the other corner of the ring.

As if it hadn't already been a tough few days — getting pummeled by her fellow Southern lass, then an emotional meltdown about the prospect of performing in the talent show — it probably wasn't the perfect time for Mackay to relive Dickson's embarrassing dress mishap where she exposed herself upon their "intimate" first meeting.

The episode left on a cliffhanger, with a tearful Dickson contemplating going home.

If she leaves it'll be another blow for the bachelor following Devaney Davis opting to leave on her own terms at the beginning of tonight's episode.

But with the dwindling women available, things went "eerie on the sofa" for his remaining contestants after Mackay said he may not end up with anyone at the end of his season.

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.

Luisa Kures, Lydia Dickson, Moses Mackay and Shenae Connelly at a cocktail party. Source: Warner Brothers