Bachelor NZ: Things get X-rated with fruit

REVIEW: Things got X-rated tonight as the Bachelor New Zealand's Moses Mackay got handsy with one of the new women contending for his love.

Annelise Theis and Moses Mackay. Source: Warner Brothers

While we're eight episodes into the season, the opera singer is yet to kiss any of the stunning women vying for his heart - that's if you don't count the two failed attempts from former The Block NZ contestant Niki Osborne.

However, the sexual innuendo and tension on his first one-on-one date with intruder Annelise (Annie) Theis was almost uncomfortable to watch in a crowded newsroom.

Their date started off PG - kayaking with a gorgeous Nelson backdrop.

But back on shore things got heated between the Wanaka bartender and Mackay when he asked about her artistic side.

"I only draw if they're nude so you'd have to take off all your clothes," the 26-year-old responded.

"There's nobody here so you're totally good." 

Yes, Annie, aside from the filming and production crew, oh, and thousands of Kiwis watching at home!

It got more saucy, though, when various fruits became involved.

The pair joked about how they could arrange the fruit in a way for Mackay not to reveal himself to all at home. Theis took the joke a step further as she ate some grapes off his nether-regions.

Moses Mackay at a cocktail party. Source: Warner Brothers

On a more serious note, chemistry was apparent between the pair, with Mackay even admitting something was "different" about the brunette beauty.

"It feels very real, it feels very authentic, it doesn't feel forced," he said, pondering a pash which didn't eventuate.

But it wasn't just their one-on-one date where things got heated this episode.

Back at the house, word of Auckland cop Negin Shademan's skimpy bikini - known as "the eye patch" - got out, with Invercargill's Luisa (Lou) Kures in hysterics holding up the tiny blue set, with thin, clear straps.

"That's a bit inappropriate for a PG TV show," Shademan said.

We're well beyond that, girl!

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.

Negin Shademan, Luisa Kures, Devaney Davis and Lana Ennis. Source: Warner Brothers