Bachelor NZ: Movie magic for final trio as kisses, questions add colour to home visits

REVIEW: It’s finale week for the Bachelor New Zealand and if tonight was anything to go off, be ready for plenty of tears, fireworks and – wait for it – more than one kiss an episode!

Before we get to the fireworks and smooches though, Bachelor Moses Mackay had to deal with some tears with Chanel “Coco” Lutton opting to leave the show.

The pair shared memories of getting to know each other, including their “ridiculously romantic” parasailing date where they felt Lutton’s late brother’s presence.

“You’re special to me, you really are, but unfortunately this is it, this isn’t where I can go forward,” Lutton said in her emotional goodbye.

A gutted Mackay accepted her words but admitted, “this one hurts the most” before one final hug.

Lutton said her goodbyes to the remaining women who were left “heartbroken” by the decision, but there wasn’t much time to dwell on it with hometown visits quickly on the horizon.

Annie – Dunedin

Annelise Theis and Bachelor Moses Mackay enjoy some time at a local SPCA shelter. Source: TVNZ

First up was Annelise Theis’ family in Dunedin. But before the pair made their way to the Wanaka bartender’s home, they started things off with a special, slobbery treat – and no, it’s not another kiss in the Marlborough Sounds!

Theis took Mackay to an SPCA animal shelter, proving she’d done a bit of Bachelor homework as the musician admitted it was one of his ideal dates.

After handing out plenty of smooches – to the dogs, not Theis – Mackay made a realisation of what was next and the butterflies hit.

The pair were welcomed into Theis’ family home where they were met by mum Virginia, brothers Andre and Nick and sister-in-law Amanda.

Mackay broke the ice well, admitting meeting the family was his “most nerve-racking performance to date” which drew plenty of laughter. But the room went quiet quickly when he brought up tarot cards from a previous date.

“We’re a very straight-edge family with what we believe,” Nick said.

“Tarot cards don’t really fit with our family philosophy.”

Lucky he was just talking about the cards there… yikes.

Things got back on track at dinner before the two got some alone time in the backyard where a bit of Hollywood magic came out.

As the pair conversed outdoors, the heavens opened and it started to rain leading to a second kiss on the show for Theis.

“It felt like a movie moment,” an excited Theis said.

It wasn’t quite The Notebook but it’s still up there.

Lana – Queenstown

Lana Ennis and Bachelor Moses Mackay take in the view in Queenstown. Source: TVNZ

With Mackay’s movie moment wrapped in Dunedin, next up was a trip to Queenstown to be with Lana Ennis and her family, although the trip had some pretty cinema-worthy shots of its own!

Before meeting the parents, Mackay and Ennis took a helicopter to a picturesque view and shared some bubbles where the Bachelor began to notice the health coach opening up more.

“Being home changes people,” Mackay said with a grin.

Ennis returned that thought to Mackay with the advice to “be yourself” as they stood outside her parents’ home, but it didn’t take long for everyone to open up with Ennis’ mum Maggy admitting she has pole danced previously.

With the ice well-and-truly broken, Mackay was quick to bond with the family and noted it was “super easy to fit in”.

There was one hot topic that was saved for some alone time, though, after Shenae Connelly had previously told Mackay that Ennis supposedly thought they were both okay with open relationships – something completely false!

Mackay asked Ennis straight and after a brief freeze from the nurse, she quickly dismissed the idea and cleared things up stating she felt he was “open and comfortable” personality-wise, not relationship-wise.

Disaster averted!

The pair shared a warm embrace by the fireplace but no kiss, although Ennis still left the trip feeling he was truly “someone that can fit into my life”.

Shenae – Auckland

Bachelor Moses Mackay and Shenae Connelly share a moment. Source: TVNZ

Two down, one to go – and did Mackay save the best for the last?

Mackay and Connelly headed to a painting studio where, despite Connelly once again having to deal with an instructor being a third wheel on her date, things got very hands-on early.

While doing a “blowing” technique – on the paint – Mackay opted to hold up Connelly’s apron for her so she wouldn’t get paint on it. How thoughtful, right?

Except his hand placement certainly raised some eyebrows.

“It looked like I was holding her boobs,” Mackay said.

“I’m just holding her apron!”

Sure, Casanova.

The date was a hit, though, with the pair getting intimate towards the end and Mackay believing they were about to kiss only for their teacher to burst into the room and ruin the moment! Try blowing that one off…

Connelly then took Mackay to meet her family which consisted of Auntie Marie and friends Keegan, Zoe and Caitlyn.

“It’s the first time I’ve taken someone home to meet the family and my parents weren’t there,” Connelly later admitted.

Auntie Marie was still quick to fire, though, but once again Mackay waded his way through the ice and left her thinking the pair “really did have a connection”.

After some decent homemade pineapple pie Connelly had whipped up despite her family’s warning to Mackay she wasn’t a cook, the pair had some alone time at a picturesque sunset where the fireworks were out again.

Connelly became the second contestant to get a kiss with Mackay, who felt their relationship had “jumped up another level” from the moment.

And cut to black!

That was it for the episode, leaving Mackay the tough call on which two would advance to meet his family before he makes his final decision.

Will things go to script for remaining contestants, or will they suffer a heartbreaking plot twist? Either way, get the popcorn ready!

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.