Bachelor NZ: Moses Mackay opens up about 'rough upbringing', drive by shootings

REVIEW: It's hard to see anything but perfection when you look at Moses Mackay. But on tonight's episode of The Bachelor NZ, the professional opera singer opened up about his not-so-perfect past.

Moses Mackay. Source: Daniel Medini

The opera singer, who is one third of Sol3 Mio, tonight revealed his difficult upbringing when he sat down for an emotional conversation with Auckland beauty Shenae Connelly.

Mackay says he grew up without a lot of money and craving a safe space.

"There were drive-bys that would happen, it was very unsafe, so we had a bit of a rough upbringing," he shared.

The 30-year-old says he fulfilled his dream, though, by buying his parents their family home.

Connelly has had her own heartbreak too, opening up with the bachelor about tragically losing both her parents just five months apart.

After their deep chat, it was no surprise Mackay asked the marketing adviser on a one-on-one date.

While it was the most frantic and awfully unromantic sailing date - I mean, forget the smack to the head, did you see those boat shoes?! - they somehow managed to delve deeper, talking about their insecurities and vulnerabilities over a meal. 

Connelly shared how losing loved ones made her feel guarded of her heart, and Mackay shared how he's picking himself up again after a break up.

Moses Mackay at a cocktail party. Source: Daniel Medini

While first dates are usually awkward, the pair seemed to hit it off, and the awkwardness only kicked off when she returned home to the house.

Beaming in with a rose in hand, Connelly appeared to hit a nerve with some of the women, who were too invested in their hot-chocolate knock-off voodoo ritual to acknowledge her entrance.

I honestly don't even know what was happening with the women sitting in a circle, chanting with their cacao drinks. My only note I wrote down watching the episode was "weird" but I think it sums up the experience well.

The awkwardness continued this episode, though.

A tearful Kimi-Rose Webster, who is yet to go on a date, was reduced to tears - not by the women, but by the bachelor himself.

Mackay made a joke about sending her home, and tonight's episode left on a cliffhanger with the Auckland teacher bursting into tears and walking off mid cocktail party.

Moses Mackay, you've got some grovelling to do.

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.