Bachelor NZ: Moses Mackay gets smoochey with the ladies, but it's not his final two contestants

REVIEW: How many kids do you want? Have you kissed? Do you like opera?

Annelise Theis and Shenae Connelly. Source: Warner Brothers

Moses Mackay's family and friends got stuck into his final two contestants on tonight's episode of the Bachelor New Zealand.

He's whittled 22 women down to two after sending Lana Ennis packing tonight.

Now it's just Wānaka bartender Annelise Theis and Auckland marketing adviser Shenae Connelly vying for his heart.

Well, that's if you don't include the packed room of mature ladies smitten over the professional singer's angelic voice — with one precious elderly lady getting up close and personal with the handsome singer.

"You're a lovely man and that's a beautiful voice," she told him.

Moses Mackay performing for his final two contestants. Source: Warner Brothers

Mackay, who is one-third of Sol3 Mio, treated his final two contestants to front row seat performing a special song he wrote for them.

While to me it felt a little less romantic for your boyfriend to write a song about you AND another woman he's crushing on, both Theis and Connelly were in awe watching him in his element.

Connelly locked eyes with Mackay as his voice echoed out.

"He couldn't get any more beautiful in my eyes today. I feel like I'm just absolutely blown away," she said.

While Theis became tearful at the sweet sound.

"From our first meeting on that boat I could tell that he was special. I didn't quite know exactly what but I could tell he was special and it just keeps getting more and more special every day."

Moses Mackay hugs a fan. Source: TVNZ

However, the magical, romantic bubble was quickly burst as the trio headed to Waheke Island to meet Mackay's massive gathering of family and friends.

Connelly got deep with the lead's mum, talking about losing both her parents five months apart, then impressed his mates with her desire to have a big family.

But Theis also made an impression with her adventurous and spiritual similarities to the 30-year-old.

Shenae, Annie, Shenae, Annie. Who will it be?

The decision was likely made more difficult for Mackay as his family struggled to pick who is most suited for the professional musician.

But in a bombshell ending, despite the women falling deeper for him and passion emerging with both, Mackay admitted he's still contemplating not picking anyone at the end of his season.

"I am tossing up the idea of choosing no one. I came in with no one, I leave with no one. It's OK."

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.