Bachelor NZ: 'I didn't have undies on!' - Intruder flashes Moses Mackay on first meeting

REVIEW: Dunedin farmer Lydia Dickson showed off more than just her personality when meeting Moses Mackay on tonight's episode of The Bachelor New Zealand - accidentally showing more than she intended to.

Lydia Dickson. Source: Warner Brothers

As one of the show's four new intruders, the 24-year-old got "very close" to the bachelor right off the bat, slipping off the boat in a way in which it sent her dress flying up around her waist.

"I didn't have undies on. Flashed my whole vagina, bum, everything to him," Dickson laughed off the embarrassment.

"So we're very close."

But she wasn't the only one skipping on knickers. 

However, fellow newbie Suzanne Bamford-King's revelation of a lack of undergarments was overshadowed by her other Oprah interview-worthy bombshells tonight.

The 25-year-old Aucklander rubbed several women the wrong way this episode, with her "not as woke" questions about where Kimi-Rose Webster is from due to her "culturally ambiguous" look, followed by the admission she was on the dating show, not to find love, but to promote her organisation.

Chanel Lutton gets to know newcomers Alana Meikle and Suzanne Bamford-King. Source: Warner Brothers

Despite the OG women vetting the new intruders, though, it came down to Mackay to decide if he would swap out any of his new four for any of the original cast - savage.

The professional opera singer, who is one third of the group Sol3 Mio, swapped in Annelise Theis for Niki Osborne, despite an initial spark where she got the first impression rose on night one.

As well, Dickson appears to have made an impression despite her boat exit mishap, nabbing a spot in the house as Samantha McKenzie was sent home.

Bamford-King and Alana Meikle had a short-lived experience on the show, being sent packing home right away.

But with some new women and a new "funky vibe" in the house, it's time for a change of scene too.

Now, while not everyone in the house is certain exactly what island Nelson is on, the remaining contestants are on the move to the sunny hotspot.

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.

Lana Ennis, Moses Mackay and Kimi-Rose Webster. Source: Warner Brothers