Bachelor NZ: Contestant reveals she's still married

REVIEW: The Bachelor is all about finding a potential life long partner, but it seems one of Moses Mackay's contestants may already be locked in?

Suzanne Bamford-King. Source: Supplied

Four new women joined the house on tonight's episode of the Bachelor New Zealand, some with more baggage than the professional opera singer may have been prepared for.

Usually it's a rule not to talk about an ex on your first date, right? Well what if you're still hitched to them?

One of the intruders, Suzanne Bamford-King was definitely not shy about the fact she's still married.

The 25-year-old, who married at 21, said she's now separated but "technically I'm still someone's wife".

To which a cringing Mackay responded: "I don't know how I feel about that." Aw oh!

That's fine, though, if the Bachelor isn't keen. Bamford-King said she's "not picky" if she forms a romantic connection with the leading man, who's part of opera singing group Sol2 Mio, or one of the other women in the house - now that'd be a good twist!

Moses Mackay. Source: Daniel Medini

The evicted bible school student also shared how she's setting up her own inclusive church which welcomes the LGBT+ community.

But while the Filipino beauty is not fussy who she ends up with, fellow newcomer Lydia Dickson was totally smitten for the hunk, saying he's definitely her type and "hand-picked" for her.

However, the Dunedin farm girl has a challenger on her hands, as sparks appeared to fly with Wanaka bartender Annelise Theis, who is also a newbie joining the group of women vying for Mackay's heart.

It's probably a good thing Mackay has a new batch of women joining the party, though. as his OG group seemed to be slimming with pace this episode.

The women are noticeably more frustrated at the singer, who keeps going around asking who he should send home.

Mackay did end up sending Shivani Pragi and Kayla Anderson home, but not before Steph Kennard "politely declined" his rose at tonight's rose ceremony. Meanwhile 22-year-old Aucklander Devaney Davis is also muling over if she should stay on despite her age gap with the 30-year-old lead.

He's still got options, though. Serial sneaky smoocher Niki Osborne is still keen, despite her second failed attempt to land one on the lips tonight.

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.

Moses Mackay with newcomer Alana Meikle. Source: Daniel Medini