Bachelor NZ: Contestant dating again after fiancé killed in crash day after proposing

REVIEW: Eighteen bold, brave and beautiful women stepped out to meet New Zealand's newest Bachelor, Moses Mackay, as the fourth season of the Bachelor NZ premiered tonight.

Luisa Kures meets Bachelor Moses Mackay. Source: Daniel Medini

There were the usual unusual gifts and gafs, and even one contestant courageous enough to whip into song in front of the professional opera singer, who is one-third of Sol3 Mio ... Albeit self love coach Kayla Anderson didn't actually know who she was busting out the ukulele for. Awks.

But the boldest and bravest of them all has to go to Invercargill's Luisa Kures.

The stunner oozed confidence and fun, but it was her heart-tugging tragic love story that made an impression.

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Kures opened up about losing her partner in a car accident four years ago, the day after he proposed to her. They were planning to go pick out an engagement ring that day.

She said she'd never been on a date before but was hoping to "open my heart again" after the tragedy.

Kures is no sob story, though. The 31-year-old Samoan beauty stood out for her sense of humour when meeting Mackay.

Upon seeing her potential future hubby for the first time, the love-at-first-sight believer exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, you're beautiful," in front of him. 

Bachelor NZ contestants settle in on night one. Source: 1 NEWS

I mean, it was on everyone's minds anyway, right? Why not.

Unsurprisingly, Kures got a rose ahead of the rose ceremony — however, it would have been due to her dark hair, according to the house blondes' conspiracy theory against anyone with a brunette mop and nose ring.

Is Mackay already revealing a "type"?

The first ever Kiwi-born Samoan Bachelor took the "never ending conveyor belt" of women in his stride, though, cracking jokes (and even pranks) as he met each of the 18 women.

And while he said there were some initial sparks with a few of the ladies, the season premiere wasn't without it's awkward moments.

Auckland marriage celebrant Niki Osborne appeared to skip right past the vows and leaped straight in for a pash.

Unfortunately for the former Block NZ contestant, a stunned Mackay swiftly wiped his mouth dry, jokingly threatening legal action as a warning to anyone else keen to plant a kiss right off the bat. 

Episode one ended on a cliff hanger, though, with one rose left and five ladies bare-handed and waiting.

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.

Kayla Anderson performs for Moses Mackay. Source: Daniel Medini